Digital Assets Management

The system will be used to monitor, manage and update data in the form of images, videos and documents through web-based and supporting mobile applications. Businesses must first ensure that all their digital content is in one place as a single source for use by the entire organization. Additionally, syndicating an ever-growing volume of media assets for all channels is a daunting challenge because businesses must transform each asset into the correct format for delivery in the context


Major Features

  • Storage and Archive management for any digital file type (video, audio, documents, images, etc.)
  • Fastest, easiest and quick storage and retrieval from anywhere in the world.
  • Site design, file names, and user access customizable to your company.
    Files are completely secured and fully backed up.
  • Customized search against keywords, file type, text inside PDF, and scanned
    documents, file author, and file title.
  • Filtering search results against file type, keywords added, a file created date, file location, extracted text, author, and file notes.
  • Customizable different user levels depending on the permissions.
  • Super Admin to manage all the companies and their stored data, get reports, etc.
    Single Sign-On feature.
  • Generate previews of Video files, Audio files, and all kinds of document files (i.e. Excel, WORD, PDF, PowerPoint, text files, etc.)
  • Giving permission to specific users to Preview, or To Download or Share a file.

DAM Advance Features:

  • Giving customizable user permission to Buy or Request to Download a specific file.
  • Manage data using Folders and Containers.
  • Super-Fast searching for files within the access of a user.
  • Super Admins for companies with DAM.
  • Distributed database so that data is not lost and search is quick.
  • Easily customizable. You can choose how you want the site to be branded, with
  • the company’s colors, logos, text fonts, as well as the verbiage needed for labeling the company’s files.
  • Edit/update in folder and file is very easy.
  • Search within an image through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Upload and access large data from anywhere.
  • Connectivity with DVR, with the option of streaming.
  • Extracting Text from Readable Content in Images and create searchable keywords based on the text (tagging)

DAM Supporting Formats

  • All Video Formats
  • All Types of Audio Files 
  • All Document Types
    (doc,docs,pdf,ppt,pptx,xl,xlx etc..)
  • All Image Formats

Pricing Plans

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  • 1 GB Storage
  • 10 users
  • Any time Anywhere access
  • Computer backup
  • Smart sync
  • Camera Uploads with desktop App installed



  • 3 TB Storage
  • 20 users
  • Any time Anywhere access
  • Computer backup
  • Smart Sync
  • Camera Uploads with desktop App installed



  • 6 TB Storage
  • Up to 100 users
  • Any time Anywhere access
  • Computer backup
  • Smart sync
  • Camera Uploads with desktop App installed

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