Apointment Management System:

WebTec Services Appointment Management System is a module that enables users to experience something extravagant while managing their appointments and bookings. This Appointment Management Solution will help manage the customers/clients’ appointments in a sophisticated manner. The application is available on web-platform as well as on the mobile-platform.


1: Dashboard For Admin:

A simple dashboard is essential for an Appointment Management System, to help not only the clients but also the business using the service. Through this dashboard, admins can manage all the appointments and bookings. Furthermore, users are given the leeway to make certain adjustments and customization to their own dashboard as well.

2: Platform IOS/Android BOTH & Web:

In the modern world, cross-platform development is becoming increasingly important. Majority of the companies are focusing on making their products and services functional on all platforms. Similarly, keeping up with the innovations and trends of the market, WebTec Services  Appointment Management Solution is functional on all platforms, which include iOS, Android and Linux. Additionally, it available on web and mobile both.

3:Schedule Appointments:

As the person responsible for booking appointments manually, one of the most difficult tasks is to ensure that you don’t assign same timeslot to different clients. In order to automate the system and remove the tedious processes, the appointment management system is absolutely crucial; it helps keep track of appointments, shows all the open timeslots for possible appointments and schedules them for the near future depending on the user’s requirements.

4: Online Bookings:

Gone are the days when everyone used to visit places just to book their appointments. In the digital world, everything is available at the tip of our fingers. So, in order to bring innovation to the appointment systems, users can now make their appointments wherever they are; through the web or mobile app. The process is extremely simple: find the timeslot which is available and then reserve the timeslot for yourself. With just a few steps, you are saved a ton of time and money.

5: Manage your clients:

For administrators, managing clients has never been simpler. In the appointment management system, administrators can keep a history of all the users who are using the service. A history of all the clients is maintained, their appointments and other details related to their visits.

6: Activity Dashboard:

A dashboard is something which ties the whole product together and with the activity dashboard, you can keep track of all the bookings, actions, notifications and other alerts. Through this, you can also keep track of all the cancelled appointments as well.

7: No More Phone Tag:

The term ‘phone tag’ is often used to describe when two people are trying to talk to each other but they fail to. To eliminate this and provide ease to both the clients and the staff, a solution has been provided by WebTec Services appointment management system; emerging technology has been incorporated in it. Through this, the messages are converted into text form, making it easier to check voicemail and get the message across.

8: Spend Less Time On Paperwork:

Who has time for paperwork when you can make everything digital? This not only saves time for the employer but also for the clients. Employers can help their employees invest their time in better and more productive things. Similarly, for clients, they don’t have to visit anywhere to book their appointments and can do that through the web and mobile app.

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